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Elimination half-life of intravenously administered equine cardiac troponin I in healthy ponies


  • Drs Kraus and Kaufer contributed equally to this manuscript.



Reasons for performing study: To date, no information is available on the true biological elimination half-life (T1/2) of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) in the equine species. Such data are required to better evaluate the optimal time to acquire the cTnI sample following acute myocardial injury.

Objective: To determine the T1/2 of equine cTnI.

Methods: Four healthy ponies received i.v. injections of recombinant equine cTnI. Plasma cTnI concentrations were measured with a point-of-care cTnI analyser at multiple time points after injection. Standard pharmacokinetic analysis was performed to establish the T1/2 of cTnI.

Results: The average T1/2 of cTnI was determined to be 0.47 h using a single rate elimination model.

Conclusion: The elimination of recombinant equine cTnI following i.v. administration is very rapid. Establishing the T1/2 of troponin provides critical information in understanding the clinical application of this cardiac biomarker in equine practice.