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Anti-inflammatory effect of (E)-4-(3,7-dimethylocta-2,6-dienylamino)phenol, a new derivative of 4-nerolidylcatechol


  • Permanent address: Laboratório de Farmacologia de Produtos Naturais – Sala 216, ICB-2 Universidade Federal de Goiás, CP 131, CEP 74001-970, Goiânia, GO, Brazil.


Elson Alves Costa, Department of Physiological Sciences, Institute of Biological Sciences, Federal University of Goiás, Campus Samambaia, Caixa Postal 131, Goiânia 74001-970, GO, Brazil.




We have investigated the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effects of (E)-4-(3,7-dimethylocta-2,6-dienylamino)phenol (LQFM-015), which was designed through molecular simplification strategy from 4-nerolidylcatechol.


The possible anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effects were assayed on carrageenan-induced paw oedema and pleurisy, acetic acid-induced abdominal writhing and formalin tests in mice.

Key findings

 LQFM-015 reduced the activity of PLA2 enzyme in vitro by 18%. Docking studies into the catalytic site of PLA2 were used to identify the binding mode of the LQFM-015. LQFM-015 showed a moderate antinociceptive effect, since this compound reduced the number of writhings by approximately up to 40% in the acetic acid-induced pain model; this antinociceptive activity also emerged in the second phase of the formalin-induced pain model (58% of inhibition). The anti-inflammatory action of LQFM-015 was confirmed in acute inflammation models, in which it reduced the formation of oedema to 52.78 ± 8.6 and 46.64 ± 5.2 at the second and third hour of carrageenan-induced paw oedema, respectively. Also in the carrageenan-induced pleurisy model, LQFM-015 reduced the migration of leucocytes by 26.0% and decrease myeloperoxidase activity by 50%. LQFM-015 showed different concentrations to inhibit 50% of isoenzyme cyclooxygenase activity (IC50); COX-1 IC50 = 36 μm) and COX-2 IC50 = 28 μm.


LQFM-015 demonstrated inhibition of both PLA2 and COX enzymes; thus, the moderate antinociceptive effect of this compound could be attributed to its anti-inflammatory activity.

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