Book reviewed in this article:

Personality and National Character. By R. Lynn.

Woodworth and Schlosberg's Experimental Psychology. By J. W. Kling and Lorrin A. Riggs.

Fact and Fantasy in Freudian Theory. By Paul Kline.

Perceptual Processing: Stimulus Equivalence and Pattern Recognition. Edited by Peter C. Dodwell.

Inner Speech and Thought. By A. N. Sokolov.

Cognitive Studies. Volume 2: Deficits in Cognition. Edited by Jerome Hellmuth.

The Cultural Context of Learning and Thinking: an Exploration in Experimental Anthropology. By Michel Cole John, Gay, Joseph A. Glick and Donald W. Sharp.

Vigilance: the Problem of Sustained Attention. By C. M. Stroh.

Mechanisms of Animal Discrimination Learning. By N. S. Sutherland and N. J. Mackintosh.

Non-verbal Communication. Edited by Robert A. Hinde.

Early Learning and Early Experience. Edited by W. Sluckin.

The Ontogeny of Vertebrate Behaviour. Edited by Howard Moltz.

Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology. Volume 5. Edited by John P. Hill.

The Nature of Adolescent Judgment. By E. A. Peel.

Ethological Studies of Child Behaviour. Edited by N. Blurton Jones.

Biofeedback and Self-Control 1970: An Aldine Annual on the Regulation of Bodily Processes and Consciousness. Edited by Theodore Barber, Leo V. DiCara, Joe Kamiya, Neal E. Miller, David Shapiro and Johann Stoyva.

Handbook of Psychotherapy and Behaviour Change: an Empirical Analysis. Edited by Allen E. Bergin and Sol L. Garfield.

The Effects of Psychotherapy. By S. Rachman.

Behaviour Modification in Mental Retardation: the Education and Rehabilitation of the Mentally Retarded Adolescent and Adult. By William I. Gardner.

Behaviour Modification in Clinical Psychology. Edited by C. Neuringer and J. L. Michaels.

The Social Psychology of the Child with Epilepsy. By Christopher Bagley.

Psychology at Work. Edited by P. B. Warr.

The Psychology of Commitment: Experiments Linking Behaviour to Belief. By Charles A. Kiesler.

Social Stress and Chronic Illness: Mortality Patterns in Industrial Society. By David L. Dodge and Walter T. Martin.

The Schizophrenic Syndrome: an Annual Review. Volume 1. Edited by R. Cancro.

Personality Assessment. By Richard I. Lanyon and Leonard D. Goodstein.

Readings in Personality Assessment. Edited by Leonard D. Goodstein and Richard I. Lanyon.

Readings in Extraversion-Introversion. Volume 1: Theoretical and Methodological Issues. Volume 2: Fields of Application. Edited by H. J. Eysenck.

Gerontological Psychology. By James H. Barrett.