Book reviewed in this article:

Pattern Recognition. By D. W. J. Corcoran.

Attention: Contemporary Theory and Analysis. Edited by David I. Mostofsky.

Image Formation and Cognition. By Mardi J. Horowitz.

Optics, Painting and Photography. By M. H. Pirenne.

The Growth of Word Meaning. By Jeremy M. Anglin.

The Computer Simulation of Behaviour. By Michael J. Apter.

Human Factors Applications in Teleoperator Design and Operation. By Edwin G. Johnsen and William R. Corliss.

Measurement of Man at Work: an Appraisal of Physiological and Psychological Criteria in Man–Machine Systems. Edited by W. T. Singleton, J. G. Fox and D. W. Whitfield.

Environment and Human Efficiency. By E. C. Poulton.

A Primer of Physiological Psychology. By R. L. Isaacson, R. J. Douglas, J. F. Lubar and L. W. Schmaltz.

Information Theory. By J. F. Young.

Neuropsychopharmacology and the Affective Disorders. By Joseph J. Schildkraut.

Drugs and Human Behaviour. By Gordon Claridge.

Testing Freudian Concepts: an Experimental Social Approach. By Irving Sarnoff.

Psychotherapy and the Modification of Abnormal Behaviour. By Hans H. Strupp.

Community Psychology and Mental Health: Perspectives and Challenges. Edited by Daniel Adelson and Betty L. Kalis.

Community Psychology: Perspectives in Training and Research. By Ira Iscoe and Charles D.

Kinesics and Context: Essays on Body–Motion Communication. By Ray L. Birdwhistell. Edited by Barton Jones.

Personality and Leadership Behavior. By Henry P. Knowles and Borje O. Saxberg.

Personality in Social Theory. By Patricke Johns Heine.

The Unresponsive Bystander: Why Doesn't He Help? By B. Latané and J. M. Darley.

The Psychology of Moral Behaviour. By Derek Wright.

Imitation in Children. By Paul Guillaume.

Childhood Behaviour and Mental Health. By Michael Shepherd, Bram Oppenheim and Sheila Mitchell.

On Helping the Dyslexic Child. By T. R. Miles.

Intelligence and Personality: Their Assessment and Relationship. By Alice Heim.

Multivariate Data Analysis. By William W. Cooley and Paul R. Lohnes.

Readings in Extraversion–Introversion. Volume 3: Bearings on Basic Psychological Processes. Edited by Hans J. Eysenck.