Book reviewed in this article:

An Introduction to the Study of Man. By J. Z. Young.

Subliminal Perception: the Nature of a Controversy. By N. F. Dixon.

Behavior Modification in Child Treatment: an Experimental and Clinical Approach. By R. M. Browning and D. O. Stover.

Learning Foundations of Behaviour Therapy. By F. H. Kanfer and J. S. Phillips.

An Introduction to Mental Retardation. By Robert M. Smith.

Genetics of Psychopathology. By David Rosenthal.

Anxiety and Neurotic Disorders. By Barclay Martin.

Psychiatry and the Community. Edited by Issy Pilowsky and David Maddison.

Speech Communication Behavior: Perspectives and Principles. Edited by Larry L. Barker and Robert J. Kibler.

Psychopharmacology and the Individual Patient. Edited by J. R. Wittenborn, Solomon C. Goldberg and Philip R. A. May.

Learning and Sleep: the Theory and Practice of Hypnopaedia. By F. Rubin.

Perception through Experience. By M. D. Vernon.

Third Conference on the Fundamentals of Psychology: Various Approaches to the Study of Perception. Edited by Ernest Harms and Margaret E. Tresselt.

Cognition: a Multiple View. Edited by Paul L. Garvin.

Probability and Statistics: Models for Research. By Daniel E. Bailey.

Cybernetics, Simulation, and Conflict Resolution: the Third Annual Symposium of the American Society for Cybernetics. Edited by D. E. Knight, H. W. Curtis and L. G. Fogel.

The Evolution of Psychological Theory: 1650 to the Present. By R. Lowry.

Theories of Psychology: a Handbook. By Ann Neel.

Analyses of Theories and Methods of Physics and Psychology. Edited by Michael Radner and Stephen Winokur.

Child's Play. Edited by R. E. Herron and Brian Sutton-Smith.

Human Infants: Experience and Psychological Development. By Burton L. White.

Intelligence, Creativity and Cognitive Style. By George Shouksmith.

T-Groups: a Survey of Research. Edited by C. L. Cooper and I. L. Mangham.

Group Dynamics: the Psychology of Small Group Behavior. Edited by M. E. Shaw.

Social Psychology and Contemporary Society. By Edward E. Sampson.

Interstudent Attraction and Social Perception in the School Class. By Svein Stensaasen Oslo: Universitetsforlaget.

Purpose in Animal Behaviour. By F. V. Smith.

Development of Species Identification in Birds: an Inquiry into the Prenatal Determinants of Perception. By Gilbert Gottlieb.

Problemy Psychologii Matematycznej. Edited by J. Kozielecki.