Book reviewed in this article:

Race Differences in Intelligence. By John C. Loehlin, Gardner Lindzey and J. N. Spuhler.

Social Behaviorism. By A. W. Staats.

Obedience to Authority. By Stanley Milgram.

The Science and Politics of IQ. By Leon J. Kamin. New York: Wiley. 1974. Pp. vii + 183. £5.90.

Psychology and the Political Experience. By Alan Hughes.

The Psychology of Politics. By W. F. Stone.

Perspectives on Social Power. Edited by J. T. Tedeschi.

Psychology in Industrial Organizations. By L. Siegel and I. M. Lane.

Consumer Behaviour: a Cognitive Orientation. By R. J. Markin, Jr.

An Introduction to Community Psychology. By Melvin Zax and Gerald A. Specter.

Ethology and Psychiatry. Edited by N. F. White.

Problems of Adolescents: Social and Psychological Approaches. Edited by R. E. Hardy and J. G. Cull.

Psychological and Vocational Rehabilitation of the Youthful Delinquent. Edited by R. E. Hardy and J. G. Cull.

Sociological Aspects of Drug Dependence. By C. Winick.

Research Strategies in Psychotherapy. By E. S. Bordin.

Advances in Psychobiology. Volume 2. Edited by G. Newton and A. H. Riesen.

Basic Structure and Function in the Nervous System. Edited by D. G. Stein and J. J. Rosen.

Motivation and Emotion. Edited by D. G. Stein and J. J. Rosen.

Learning and Memory. Edited by D. G. Stein and J. J. Rosen

Control Theory in Biology and Experimental Psychology. By Frederick Toates.

Obese Humans and Rats. By S. Schachter and Judith Rodin.

New Approaches in Psychological Measurement. Edited by P. Kline.

Experimental Design and Analysis. By W. Lee.

Psychometrics of Similarity. By R. A. M. Gregson

Primer of Methods for the Behavioural Sciences. By R. Rosenthal and R. L. Rosnow.