Comparisons are reported between results on the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire obtained from 491 male and 480 female Slovene-speaking Jugoslavs; the comparison groups were 2312 male and 3262 female English subjects. Factor analyses of item intercorrelations showed close correspondence between the factors extracted in the two national samples, with indices of factor comparison well in excess of 0.95, and with reliabilities in the Jugoslav sample exceeding those in the original English standardization group. Sex differences were identical in both countries for all four factors, men having higher P and E scores, women higher N and L scores. National differences, agreeing with stereotypes, showed Jugoslavs to have higher P and lower E scores than the English. It was concluded that the organization of personality in Jugoslavia is sufficiently similar to that in England to make national comparisons feasible. Comparisons of delinquent subjects with non-delinquent controls demonstrated similar differences to those observed in British samples.