Special Review feature: The hand that rules the world — Seven books about women


  • Sarah Sandow


Women at Work. By Lindsay Mackie & Polly Pattullo. London: Tavistock. 1977. Pp. 192. £2.50.

Women and the Welfare State. By Elizabeth Wilson. London: Tavistock. 1977. Pp. 208. Cloth £5.50; paper £2.20.

Housewife. By Ann Oakley. Harmondsworth, Middx: Pelican. 1976. Pp. x+273. 80p.

On Being a Woman. By Fay Fransella & Kay Frost. London: Tavistock. 1977. Pp. 237. £6.00.

Towards a New Psychology of Women. By Jean Baker Miller. Harmonds worth, Middx: Penguin. 1978. Pp. xi+147. 90p.

Man's World, Woman's Place. By Elizabeth Janeway. Harmondsworth, Middx: Penguin. 1977. Pp. 350. £1.00.

Women, a Psychological Perspective. By Elaine Donelson & Jeanne E. Gullahorn. New York: Wiley. 1977. Pp. vi+342. £10.45.