Book reviewed in this article:

Drugs and the Inheritance of Behaviour: A Survey of Comparative Psychopharmacogenetics. By P. L. Broadhurst.

Criminology in Focus: Past Trends and Future Prospects. By A. Keith Bottomley. Oxford: Martin Robertson.

Entering the World of Number. By R. T. Green & V. J. Laxon.

Intelligence: Heredity and Environment. By P. E. Vernon.

Search for Harry Price. By Trevor H. Hall. London: Duckworth.

Not Quite Like Home: Small Hostels for Alcoholics and Others. By Shirley Otto & Jim Orford.

Introduction to Statistics: A Nonparametric Approach for the Social Sciences. By C. Leach.

Distribution-free Methods for Non-parametric Problems: A Classified and Selected Bibliography. By B. Singer.

Children's Learning and Attention Problems. By M. Kinsbourne & P. J. Caplan.

‘Time’ in the Production and the Perception of Speech. Edited by W. J. Barry & K. J. Kohler.

The Development of Memory in Children. By R. Kail. Reading: W. H. Freeman.

Sensation and Perception. By S. Coren, C. Porac & L. M. Ward.

The Physiological Approach in Psychology. By C. F. Levinthal.

A Program for Families of Children with Learning and Behaviour Problems. By Martin A. Kozloff.

Psychiatric Symptoms and Cognitive Loss in the Elderly. Evaluation and Assessment Techniques. By A. Raskin & L. F. Jarvik.

Human Development. By T. G. R. Bower.

Philosophical Problems in Psychology. Edited by N. Bolton.

The Coming Age of Psychosomatics. By M. Carruthers & P. Mellett.

Psychological Development from Infancy: Image to Intention. Edited by M. H. Bornstein & W. Kessen.