Book reviewed in this article:

Cyril Burt, Psychologist. By L. S. Hearnshaw.

The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception. By J. J. Gibson.

Knowledge and Development. Volume 2. Piaget and Education. Edited by J. M. Gallagher & J. A. Easley.

A Functional Approach to Child Language: A Study of Determiners and Reference. By A. Karmiloff-Smith.

Emotions in Personality and Psychopathology. Edited by Carroll E. Izard.

Personality Theories: An Introduction. By B. Engler.

Clinical Diagnosis of Mental Disorders: A Handbook. Edited by B. B. Wolman.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Research and Application. Edited by J. P. Foreyt & D. P. Rathjen.

Medicine, Mind and Man. An Introduction to Psychology for Students of Medicine and Allied Professions. By John Cohen & John H. Clark.

Attention and Information Processing in Schizophrenia. Edited by S. Matthysse, B. J. Spring & J. Sugarman.

The Environment at Work. By E. C. Poulton.

Childhood Psychopathology: A Developmental Approach. By I. J. Knopf.

Emerging Strategies in Social Psychological Research. Edited by G. P. Ginsburg.

The Selected Writings of A. R. Luria. Edited by M. Cole.

Understanding Infancy. By E. Willemsen.