Book reviewed in this article:

The Psychology of Written Communication. Edited by J. Hartley.

The Origins of Human Competence. By B. L. White, B. T. Kaban & J. S. Attanucci.

The Teaching of Psychology. Edited by J. Radford & D. Rose.

Cognitive Processes in Spelling. Edited by U. Frith.

Neuropsychology. By S. J. Dimond.

The Psychology of Eyewitness Testimony. By A. D. Yarmey.

Psychology Survey No. 2. Edited byK. J. Connolly.

The Perception of Pictures. Vol. 1: Alberti's Window, The Projective Model of Pictorial Information. Edited by M. A. Hagen.

Self-Consciousness and Social Anxiety. By A. H. Buss. Oxford: W. H. Freeman.

Play and Learning. Edited by B. Sutton-Smith

Handbook of Behavioral Interventions: A Clinical Guide. Edited by A. Goldstein & E.B. Foa.

Schizophrenia. By J. M. Neale & T. F. Oltmans.

Annual Review of Behavior Therapy. Vol. 7: Theory and Practice. Edited by C. M. Franks & G. T. Wilson.

Progress in Experimental Personality Research, Vol. 9. Edited by B. A. Maher.

Chemical Influences on Behaviour. Edited by K. Brown & S. J. Cooper.

Love and Attraction. Edited by M. Cook & G. Wilson.