Book reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Present and Past in Middle Life. Edited by D. H. Eichorn, J. A. Clausen, N. Haan, M. P. Honzik & P. H. Mussen.

Lateral Preferences and Human Behaviour. By C. Porac & S. Coren.

Prose Comprehension Beyond the Word. By A. C. Graesser.

Human Visual Orientation. By I. P. Howard.

Abnormal Offenders, Delinquency and the Criminal Justice System. Edited by John Gunn & David P. Farrington.

Children Thinking through Language. Edited by M. Beveridge.

The Psychology of Deductive Reasoning. By J. St B. T. Evans.

Psychology for Speech Therapists. Edited by Harry Purser.

Short-term Psychotherapies for Depression. Edited by A. J. Rush.