Book reviewed in this article:

Autism: New Direction in Research and Education. Edited by C. D. Webster, M. M. Konstantareas, J. Oxman & J. E. Mack.

Retrospections on Social Psychology. Edited by Leon Festinger.

Workshops in Perception. By R. P. Power, S. Hansfeld & A. Gorta.

Social Cognition: Perspectives on Everyday Understanding. Edited by J. P. Forgas.

Social Skills and Health. Edited by Michael Argyle.

Social Skills and Work. Edited by Michael Argyle.

The Psychology of Literacy. By Sylvia Scribner & Michael Cole.

Cardiovascular Psychophysiology: A Perspective. By P. A. Obrist.

Preconscious Processing. By N. Dixon.

Divided Visual Field Studies of Cerebral Organization. Edited by J. Graham Beaumont.

The Construction of Personality. By Sarah E. Hampson.

Learning to Read: Literate Behaviour and Orthographic Knowledge. By H. Francis.