Book reviewed in this article:

Parental Behaviour. Edited by W. Sluckin & M. Herbert

Children's Social Behaviour: Development, Assessment, and Modification. Edited by P. S. Strain, M. J. Guralnick & H. M. Walker

Actual Minds, Possible Worlds. By J. Bruner

The Economic Mind: The Social Psychology of Economic Behaviour. By A. Furnham & A. Lewis

Children of Social Worlds. Edited by M. Richards & P. Light

Dyslexia: Its Neuropsychology and Treatment. Edited by G. Th. Pavlidis & D. F. Fisher

Foundations of Parapsychology. By H. L. Edge, R. L. Morris; J. Palmer & J. H. Rush

Behavioral Analysis of Drug Dependence. Edited by S. R. Goldberg & I. P. Stolerman

Psychology: Designing the Discipline. By J. Margolis, P. T. Manicas, R. Harré & P. F. Secord

Stress and Strategy. By S. Fisher

Working Memory. By A. Baddeley