1) The CT-SEM script. An R/OpenMx based program for estimating oscillating and nonoscillating processes in continuous time.

2) Two examples with individually varying time intervals: One example is a bivariate (coupled) nonoscillating process and one a univariate oscillating process.

Both examples consist of a datafile (.dat) and the CT-SEM input file (.R)

The actual CT-SEM script needs to be saved in the same folder as the input file. Usually, there is NO need to open or modify the CT-SEM.R script. The model is completely specified in the input file.

bmsp2043_sm_1_data_nonoscillating_xy.dat85KSupporting info item
bmsp2043_sm_1_input_nonoscillating.R4KSupporting info item
bmsp2043_sm_2_data_oscillating_x.dat50KSupporting info item
bmsp2043_sm_2_input_oscillating.R4KSupporting info item
bmsp2043_sm_CT_SEM.R12KSupporting info item

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