Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Issues in Person Perception. Edited by MARK COOK.

Industrial Relations in the Future: Trends and Possibilities in Britain over the Next Decade. By R. TARLING & F. WILKINSON.

The Change Masters. By ROSABETH MOSS KANTER.

Consent and Efficiency: Labour Relations and Management Policy Strategy in the State Enterprise. By E. BATSTONAE, A. FERNER & M. TERRY.

Improving Leadership Performance. By PETER L. WRIGHT & DAVID s. TAYLOR.

Down from the Ivory Tower: Graduates and their Jobs. By PETER HERRIOT.

The Forsaken Families. By L. FAGIN & M. LITTLE.

Leaders we Deserve. By ALISTAIR MANT.

Decision Making at the Top: The Shaping of Strategic Decisions. By GORDON DONALDSON & JAY w. LORSCH.

Sustained Attention in Human Performance. Edited by J. s. WARM.

Human Aspects in Office Automation. Edited by B. G. F. COHEN.