The construct validity of union commitment: Development and dimensionality of a shorter scale


Department of Psychology, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 3C3


This paper presents two studies examining the dimensionality and construct validity of the union commitment scale (Gordon, Philpot, Burt, Thompson & Spiller, 1980). In the first study, analysis of the 20-item (Friedman & Harvey, 1986) and 30-item (Gordon et al., 1980) versions of the scale in two large samples (N = 229 and N = 551) suggests that (a) both versions of the scale share a common factor structure and (b) the interpretation of the belief in unionism dimension is confounded with the use of negatively worded items. We propose a shorter 13-item scale measuring union loyality, responsibility to the union and willingness to work for the union. In the second study (N = 847), the dimensionality and construct validity of the shorter scale is examined and supported.