The Team Climate Inventory (TCI) and group innovation: A psychometric test on a Swedish sample of work groups


Department of Social Sciences, Section for Psychology, University of Örebro, Box 923, S-701 30 Örebro, Sweden


The Team Climate Inventory (Anderson & West, 1994) was translated into Swedish and administered to a total of 16 work teams in different types of private enterprises. Independent observers rated each group's production in terms of innovativeness, quantity and quality of production. An item analysis indicated that all items should be retained in the questionnaire and further analyses yielded high overall coefficients for reliability (Cronbach's alpha = .95) and acceptable validity (r = .48). A factor analysis was also successful in extracting the four original factors, together accounting for 54 per cent of the total variance. It is concluded that the Swedish version of the Team Climate Inventory is a useful instrument to measure group climate dimensions that may facilitate work teams' innovative capacity. Differences in general work climate between Sweden and the United Kingdom are discussed.