Sexual intercourse with leukocytospermic men may be a possible booster of oxidative stress in female partners of infertile couples



Reet Mändar, Department of Microbiology, University of Tartu, Ravila 19, Tartu 50411, Estonia. E-mail:


Human semen has undoubtedly significant influence on the organism of the female counterpart. At the same time there are no studies in English literature investigating the influence of sexual intercourse on oxidative stress level in women's organism. Seventeen infertile couples where male partners were with (n = 5) or without (n = 12) leukocytospermia were enrolled in the study. Systemic oxidative stress levels were measured, whereby twice in female partners – before and 8–12 h after sexual intercourse. The men with leukocytospermia were characterized by oxidative stress that was substantially transferred to their partners during sexual intercourse as revealed by increase in 8-isoprostanes level (median 32.7 vs. 70.4 ng/mmol creatinine, p = 0.006). Sexual intercourse with male partner having leukocytospermia increases the oxidative stress level in the women's organism that may interfere with fertilization.