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Replication of LIN28B SNP association with age of menarche in young Filipino women


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Age of menarche, or the timing of first menses in girls, is a physiological trait that shows substantial genetic heritability. Earlier age of menarche is associated with increased childhood adiposity and with adult risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.


We sought to further characterize the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs7759938 from the menarche locus LIN28B in 827 young Filipino women from the Cebu Longitudinal Health and Nutrition Survey (CLHNS).


We tested rs7759938 for additive association with age of menarche and also tested whether childhood adiposity, as measured by body mass index (BMI) at age 8, mediated this relationship.


We observed nominal association of rs7759938 with age of menarche (β = −0.118 years, 95% confidence interval = (−0.216, −0.020), P = 0.019) with an effect direction consistent with the previous report. We also observed suggestive evidence that the effect of the SNP on age of menarche was independent of childhood BMI.


These data confirm the strongest gene reported in Europeans (LIN28B) as a contributor to age of menarche in an Asian population.