Touring Yuzi Paradise Art Park, Guilin, China


  • David Carrier

    1. David Carrier ( has recently published books on the art museum and world art history. With Joachim Pissarro, he is co-author of Wild Art: Art Outside the Art World (Phaidon, forthcoming); with Adele Tutter, a book comparing Caravaggio and Poussin.
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Abstract   Guilin, a small city in subtropical southwest China, is an hour’s flight north from Guangzhou or Hong Kong. This region, famous for its mountains, which appear in some important Chinese old master scrolls and also on the 20 RMB currency note of the People’s Republic, is nicely described by a popular saying: “Guilin’s scenery is best among all under heaven.” An art park, Yuzi Paradise, founded in 1997 by Tsao Ryh-Chang, a wealthy Taiwanese entrepreneur, occupies 1,300 acres of land in this remote area. Ten percent of the acreage is the art park; the rest is mostly untouched landscape. Sculptors from 30 nations were invited to more than a dozen symposiums at the park and were given the means to create art. Recently, the site was opened to the public.