Instrumented neutrally buoyant floats were used to investigate some characteristics of the temperatures and currents associated with the Antarctic Bottom Current at 10° N. An average current of 4.6 ± 0.5 cm sec−1 in the 325° direction was found over a period of 5 days at a distance 540 m off the bottom. This and other values obtained during the sinking of a float are in substantial agreement with the predictions of G. Wüst. Vertical water motions at the hovering float did not exceed 28 m rms and so compare with those present in quieter locations.

Temperature profiles were obtained from floats which sank to the bottom and then returned to the surface. First and second derivatives of the temperaure with respect to depth are reported for 100 m depth intervals. Stabilities E were determined and log E varied linearly with depth near the sea floor.