Composited Northern Hemispheric Data Tabulation rawinsonde data has been gathered relative to three classes of satellite-observed tropical weather systems in the Western Pacific (Eq.–18° N) and in the West Indies (∼15–30° N). These systems include the ∼4° wide cloud cluster, the cloud cluster environment (∼2–6° latitude around the cluster center), and the clear region. Information is presented for the years 1967 and 1968. The data gathering philosophy and methodology follows that discussed in a previous report by Williams & Gray (1973).

Composited information is presented on individual weather system winds, divergence, vorticity, etc. Emphasis is put on the regional differences between the Western Pacific and the West Indies weather systems. Significant differences exist. The mean cloud cluster vorticity budget is calculated. The horizontal divergence of the vorticity transport is the predominant term in the budget in both regions. It is necessary to hypothesize a large eddy transport of vorticity from the lower to the upper troposphere. Other observational findings are also presented.