The study investigated the effects of listening to self-selected uplifting music on positive emotional states and self-control. The participants (n = 72; Mage 22.26 ± 5.97) performed two endurance handgrip squeezes separated by a varied set of experimental manipulations. In two conditions, participants performed a Stroop (self-control depletion) task and then either listened to self-selected uplifting music or rested quietly. Controls performed a reading task and then rested quietly. Listening to uplifting music evoked positive emotional states, F(2, 69) = 6.98, p = .002, partial η2 = .71; however, participants in both self-control depletion conditions performed worse than controls on the exercise task (p ≤ .07). Findings support the strength model of self-control but raise questions about the effects of positive emotional states on self-control.