BiOCl/Ag3PO4 Composites with Highly Enhanced Ultraviolet and Visible Light Photocatalytic Performances


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The BiOCl/Ag3PO4 composites have been prepared via a facile and reproducible route. In the composite, Ag3PO4 particles are deposited on the surface of plates of BiOCl. Among the as-prepared samples, the ultraviolet (UV) and visible light photocatalytic reaction rates of BiOCl/Ag3PO4 composite with the ratio of 1:0.1 are about 4.4 times and 4.5 times than that of pure BiOCl, respectively. Overall, the BiOCl/Ag3PO4 composites not only show highly enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity but also exhibit highly improved UV photocatalytic activity, which could find enormous potential application in addressing environmental protection issues utilizing solar energy effectively.