Single-Crystalline Mesoporous Molybdenum Nitride Nanowires with Improved Electrochemical Properties


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We report single-crystalline mesoporous molybdenum nitride nanowires (meso-Mo3N2-NWs) prepared by topotactic reaction using single-crystalline molybdenum oxide nanowires. The single-crystalline nature of meso-Mo3N2-NWs was clearly observed by field-emission transmission electron microscopy. The meso-Mo3N2-NWs exhibited mesoporous structure with ∼45 m2/g in specific surface area and ∼4.6 nm in average pore size confirmed by a nitrogen sorption measurement. Due to high specific surface area and mesoporous structure, meso-Mo3N2-NWs showed much higher specific capacitance and excellent charging–discharging performance as compared with Mo3N2 prepared using conventional nitridation process.