Novel low temperature firing microwave dielectric ceramic LiCa3MgV3O12 (LCMV) with garnet structure was fabricated by the conventional solid-state reaction method. The phase purity, microstructure, and microwave dielectric properties were investigated. The densification temperature for the LCMV ceramic is 900°C. LCMV ceramic possessed εr = 10.5, Qu × = 74 700 GHz, and τf = −61 ppm/°C. Furthermore, 0.90LiCa3MgV3O12–0.10CaTiO3 ceramic sintered at 925°C for 4 h exhibited good properties of εr = 12.4, Qu × = 57 600 GHz, and τf = 2.7 ppm/°C. The LCMV ceramic could be compatible with Ag electrode, which makes it a promising ceramic for LTCC technology application.