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Effects of Epoxy Resin on Gelcasting Process and Mechanical Properties of Alumina Ceramics


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A gelling system based on the polymerization of epoxy resin ethylene glycol diglycidyl ether (EGDGE) and 3,3′-Diaminodipropylamine (DPTA) was developed for gelcasting alumina ceramics. The gelation process of 50 vol% alumina-epoxy resin suspensions were investigated in accordance with the change in temperature and epoxy resin concentration. The activation energy Ea of polymerization reaction was 63.76 kJ/mol and no significant gelation was observed at 25°C during the test for 50 vol% Al2O3 suspensions with 10 wt% EGDGE. With the increase in EGDGE concentration, Al2O3 green bodies exhibited higher relative density, flexural strength, and Weibull modulus, reaching 64.4%, 41.03 MPa, and 12.51, respectively, when EGDGE concentration was 20 wt%. However, for sintered Al2O3 bodies, the highest characteristic strength and Weibull modulus were obtained for 15 wt% EGDGE concentration, reaching 367.57 MPa and 14.52, respectively.