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New Sintered Li2OAl2O3SiO2 Ultra-Low Expansion Glass-Ceramic


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We developed a new Li2OAl2O3SiO2 (LAS) ultra-low expansion glass-ceramic by nonisothermal sintering with concurrent crystallization. The optimum sintering conditions were 30°C/min with a maximum temperature of 1000°C. The best sintered material reached 98% of the theoretical density of the parent glass and has an extremely low linear thermal expansion coefficient (0.02 × 10−6/°C) in the temperature range of 40°C–500°C, which is even lower than that of the commercial glass-ceramic Ceran® that is produced by the traditional ceramization method. The sintered glass-ceramic presents a four-point bending strength of 92 ± 15 MPa, which is similar to that of Ceran® (98 ± 6 MPa), in spite of the 2% porosity. It is white opaque and does not have significant infrared transmission. The maximum use temperature is 600°C. It could thus be used on modern inductively heated cooktops.