A Novel Test Method for Ultrafast Pulse Response Characteristics of ZnO Varistor Ceramics


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A ZnO varistors in series connected with a semi-insulating GaAs photoconductive switches (SI-GaAs PCSS's), a test method for ultrafast pulse response characteristics of ZnO varistor ceramics with DC bias was presented for the first time. The DC voltage distribution of the PCSS's and the varistors was measured in a dark state and the pulse response characteristics of the ZnO varistor ceramics was examined by a nanosecond laser pulse illuminating the PCSS's. The results indicate that the electric pulse output from the varistors includes capacitive current and conduction current and there is a time delay between their peaks. It is revealed that ZnO varistors has a nonlinear conductivity for the nanosecond electric impulse excitation and the barrier capacitance decay constant of the ceramics sample is 105 ns, which is explained through the analysis of examining the material structure and the conductive mechanisms.