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Enhanced Luminescence of Ca14Mg2Si8O28+δN4−δ:Eu2+Phosphors by Codoping Ce3+, Mn2+ for White LEDs and Their Energy-Transfer Mechanism



The Eu2+, M-codoped(= Ce3+, Mn2+) phosphor powders were prepared by a solid-state reaction. The addition of Ce3+ in the Eu2+ sites in partially nitridated bredigite-structure phosphor(CMSN) remarkably enhances the luminescent intensity by ~180% through sensitized luminescence. Dual band emission was observed for Eu, Mn-codoped CMSN through energy transfer from Eu2+ to Mn2+. Ce3+–Eu2+ and Eu2+–Mn2+ energy-transfer mechanism was investigated through decay profile analysis using Inokuti–Hirayama model and energy-transfer parameters are determined. Interaction mechanism was identified as dipole–dipole interaction. In addition, phosphor in glass plates was prepared using the phosphor and its feasibility in white LED application was studied and is presented.

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