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Structure and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Low Firing Bi2Te2W3O16 Ceramics



Dense Bi2Te2W3O16 ceramics were prepared by the conventional solid-state reaction route. X-ray diffraction data show the room-temperature (RT) crystal symmetry of Bi2Te2W3O16 to be well described by the centrosymmetric monoclinic C2/c space group [a = 21.280(5) Å, b = 5.5663(16) Å, c = 12.831(3) Å and β = 124.014(19)° and Z = 4]. Raman spectroscopy analyses are in broad agreement with space group assignment, but also revealed the presence of Bi2W2O9 as a secondary phase. This phase is present as plate-like grains embedded on a fine-grained equiaxed matrix, as revealed by scanning electron microscopy. From the fitting of infrared reflectivity data the relative permittivity, εr, was estimated as 34.2, and the intrinsic quality factor, Qu × f as 57 500 GHz. At RT and microwave frequencies, Bi2Te2W3O16 ceramics sintered at 720°C for 6 h exhibit εr ~ 34.5, Qu × f = 3173 GHz (at 7.5 GHz), and temperature coefficient of resonant frequency, τf = −92 ppm/°C. This shows a good agreement between the estimated and measured εr values, but also shows that, in principle, the dielectric losses of the ceramics are of extrinsic origin.