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Distributional records of Tor mahseer Tor tor (Hamilton, 1822) from Southern India


Author's address: Kuldeep K. Lal, National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Canal Ring Road, P.O. Dilkusha, Lucknow 226002, UP, India.



During exploratory surveys in the tributaries (Penganga and Satnala) of Godavari and (Bheema) Krishna basins, specimens of mahseer were collected. The morpho-meristic characteristics of these specimens conformed to the taxonomic keys for Tor tor. The mitochondrial COI sequences of these specimens clustered with the T. tor specimens from the River Narmada and were distinct from the other mahseer such as T. khudree and T. mussullah, which are known to exist in the rivers of the region. This confirmed the distribution of T. tor in the rivers of peninsular India and indicated an extended distribution of the known range. The major predominating habitat characteristics of collection areas were cobbles mixed with gravel, and a riparian cover of shrubs and trees. The occurrence of fingerling size specimens in the river suggests that the species has adapted and is likely to have established self-recruiting populations in these rivers.