Fatty acid composition of the head membrane and flagella affects Sparus aurata sperm quality


Author's address: M. P. Herráez, Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biology, University of León, 24071 León, Spain.

E-mail: paz.herraez@unileon.es


The successful fertilization achievement is, theoretically, affected by the fatty acids composition of the different sperm membrane domains, which has effects on plasma membrane fluidity, fusogenicity, signal transduction, and other processes. In the present study we analyzed the fatty acids composition of two different membrane domains (head membrane and flagella) of Sparus aurata sperm samples, and its relation to other quality parameters: motility and viability. Results showed that flagella had a higher rate of unsaturated (MUFA and PUFA) fatty acids compared with the head membrane. While flagellar fatty acid composition correlated with motility parameters, suggesting their relation with the need of fluidity for the flagellar beating, head membrane composition better correlated with preservation of sperm membrane integrity.