Length–weight relationships of five fish species collected from Manora Channel and associated backwaters of the northern Arabian Sea



This paper provides length–weight relationships estimated for five fish species (four families) economically important not only to the local community, but to the larger Indo-Pakistan sub-continent. All fish were collected from the Manora Channel and backwater creeks near Karachi, Pakistan in the northern Arabian Sea during July 2000 to October 2002. These represent the first reports of length–weight data for two species (Sardinella sindensis and Pomadasys stridens) while also providing additional data on the remaining three species (Alepes kleinii, A. melanoptera, and Liza carinata) for which limited information was available. Estimated b values obtained for the six species ranged from a minimum of 2.310 for L. carinata to a maximum of 3.082 for S. sindensis.