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Data S1 Analytical Data for ITC.

Figure S1 (A) The schemes for the ITC synthesis. (B) UV absorption spectra of ITC 45 before (I) and after (II) treatment with ammonium hydroxyde.

Figure S2 B. cereus growth after addition of ITC 37 at various concentrations. The cells were grown in culture medium to the turbidity equal to 0·075 au ml−1 at 600 nm followed by addition of the ITC at indicated concentration. Aftere the addition the bacterial growth was monitored as indicated.

Figure S3 Effect of pre-incubation of ITC 37 in the MHB culture media on its inhibitory potency against B. cereus at the initial concentration equal to MIC. The ITC was incubated in the culture medium for indicated period of time followed by innoculation. The bars indicate the turbidity of the cell culture recorded after 7 h from innoculation.

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