Effects of Lactobacillus acidophilus and inulin on faecal viral shedding and immunization against H9N2 Avian influenza virus




The aims of this investigation were to compare the effects of Lactobacillus acidophilus addition as simple or microencapsulated (ME) probiotic and inulin as prebiotic to the broiler diet on the faecal viral shedding and immunization against avian influenza virus (AIV) with or without H9N2 vaccination.

Methods and Results

Simple or ME forms of Lact. acidophilus, inulin and combination of them as synbiotic were analysed for their ability to enhance immunity against H9N2 AIV and to decrease faecal viral shedding in Cobb-500 broiler chicks. Our results indicated that probiotic as ME form can decrease haemagglutination inhibition (HI) titre significantly on days 34 in vaccinated trial (P < 0·05). Also, the effects of ME form of probiotic are more remarkable on reduction of viral faecal shedding detected by RT-PCR.


The study shows the significant role of microencapsulation on probiotic effects against H9N2 AIV.

Significance and Impact of the Study

The application of probiotics especially in the ME form could have the potential for stimulating the immune system, preventing influenza infection and consequently reduce faecal viral shedding of H9N2 AIV.