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Table S1 Oligonucleotides used to amplify an internal probe of erg1 gene for Southern Blot experiment.

Table S2 Parameters measured from tomato plants inoculated with the Trichoderma strains used in the present work in comparison with control plants. The diameter of lesions caused by B. cinerea 05·10 were also measured.

Figure S1 Calibration curves in which the Ct of the tomato α-actin (left panel) or T34-b1.3 α-actin (right panel) were represented vs different cDNA amounts. The corresponding equations and the correlation coefficients are indicated at the upper part of each panel. These calibration curves were used to calculate the amount of cDNA from a given value of Ct, to study the tomato root colonization ability of the different Trichoderma strains studied in the present work.

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