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Figure S1 Rarefaction analysis with the total and non-singleton OTUs (rare members excluded) for biofilm communities of Bacteria and Eukaryotic assemblages. Each curve represents the cumulative value of 99 and 98 clones for 16S and 18S rRNA gene sequences, respectively.

Table S1 Primers used for qPCR studies.

Table S2 Results of two-way anosim test based on Bray-Curtis similarity matrix derived from the distribution of biofilm microbial communities. Global tests on the effect of sampling time (= 6, 6) and location (= 6, 6). Significance was set at α = 0·05.

Table S3 Relative distribution (%) of OTUs that explained ≈62% of the dissimilarity (SIMPER analysis) within all samples (two-way anosim,< 0·01). METASTATS (White et al., 2009) was used to identify with significant difference the OTUs responsible for the variation in the nMDS analysis.

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