• attitude of health personnel;
  • instrument development;
  • nursing diagnosis;
  • psychometrics;
  • questionnaires;
  • reliability and validity;
  • Spain



To report the adaptation into Spanish and psychometric testing of the Position on Nursing Diagnosis scale.


The Position on Nursing Diagnosis is a scale that uses the semantic differential technique to measure nurses' attitudes towards the nursing diagnosis concept.


Methodological design.


The scale was cross-culturally adapted through a process including translation, comparison with versions in other languages, back-translation, review, and pre-testing. An opportunistic sample of 621 Spanish registered nurses was recruited from August–December 2011. Reliability was evaluated through internal consistency and test–retest reliability. Construct validity, using both exploratory factor analysis and the known-group technique, and concurrent validity were assessed.


The Position on Nursing Diagnosis-Spanish Version was obtained from the cross-cultural adaptation process. High internal consistency and satisfactory test-retest reliability over a two week period (n = 240) were found. In the principal component analysis, all items loaded strongly on a single-factor which accounted for adequate variance, supporting the unidimensionality of the scale. A statistically significant difference was found comparing the scores of nurses who were members of the Spanish Association of Nomenclature, Taxonomy and Nursing Diagnosis and those who were not. Concurrent validity was supported by the significant correlation found between the scores and the degree of nursing diagnosis utilization and attendance to training sessions.


The findings support the validity and reliability of the Position on Nursing Diagnosis-Spanish Version for its use among Spanish registered nurses as a measurement of their attitude towards the nursing diagnosis concept.