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Honor Scale: evidence on construct validity


Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Valeschka M. Guerra, Departamento de Psicologia Social e do Desenvolvimento, Centro de Ciências Humanas e Naturais, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Av. Fernando Ferrari, 514 Goiabeiras, Vitoria – ES 29075-910, Brazil. E-mail:


Honor is an important construct, mainly emphasized in collectivist cultures, such as Brazil. However, there is a lack of studies regarding honor in this cultural context. Therefore, the current research aims at proposing a short version of the Honor Scale (HS-16) to the Brazilian context. Construct validity (i.e., factorial, convergent, and discriminant validity, as well as internal consistency and composite reliability) is reported in Studies 1 (n = 220) and 2 (n = 222), with participants from general population. In both studies, participants answered the Honor Scale and demographic questions. The authors find the HS-16 to be a reliable and valid scale, thereby enabling its use in quantitative studies regarding the correlates of honor concerns.