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Identification and validation of differentially expressed genes from pig skeletal muscle



S.E.F. Guimarães, Departamento de Zootecnia, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, av. PH Rolfs, s/n, 36570-000, Viçosa, Brazil. Tel: (+55) 313138992273; Fax: (+55) 313138992275; E-mail:


Pig is an important animal for meat production; this is generally associated with characteristics determined prenatally during myogenesis. Expressed sequence tags (EST) can provide direct information on the transcriptome and indirect information on the relation between the genome and phenotype, giving information about differentially expressed genes (DEG). In this work, the identification and annotation of DEG from EST libraries of three pig breeds (Duroc, Large White and Local Breed Piau) were performed followed by real-time PCR analyses during pre- and postnatal stages (21, 40, 70 and 90 days of pregnancy and 107, 121 and 171 days postnatal) from commercial breed animals for analysis of genes expression levels. Therefore, 34 genes differentially expressed were identified, of which 21 grouped in a network related with muscle development. From this, the expression profile of 13 genes was measured, to confirm their relationship with myogenesis like ANKRD2, MYBPC1, NEB and MYL2. These genes showed a prenatal high expression in this study. Besides, novels candidates for muscle development (TP53 and DCTN1) were listed. These findings can contribute to better explaining gene function mechanism and are helpful in uncovering the pathways that mediate pre- and postnatal skeletal muscle development in vertebrates.