We are glad to announce the names of two new Subject Editors: Miguel Perez-Enciso (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and Rodolfo (Fito) Cantet (University of Buenos Aires). Miguel is a biologist interested in statistical applications to livestock breeding and population genetics with a wide variety of topics from designs to minimize the impact of inbreeding to high throughput resequencing in pigs. His main interest is to develop tools that help us to identify genes of socio-economic interest. He is also studying how man has shaped the genetic variation in livestock species through domestication and artificial selection. Fito's research work is related to estimation and prediction from mixed linear models with complex covariance structures, including models with maternal effects and competition or social interaction effects. His research is also focused on models to predict the performance of animals from composite breeds. Fito has made important contributions to MCMC algorithms for Bayesian estimation in Gaussian multi-trait and multi-breed animal models.

Larry Schaeffer is retiring as a Subject Editor. It was a very promising start for me as the new Executive Editor as almost on the first day of duty, the paper ‘Strategy for applying genome-wide selection in dairy cattle’ (2006, J Anim Breed Genet 123, 218–223) arrived. The article was read not only by scientists but also by breeding experts who quickly adopted a revolutionary genomic gear in their selection schemes. Larry is exceptional not only as a scientist. There were occasions that after sending a manuscript to him, a comprehensive review emerged overnight. Thank you very much for the pleasant collaboration over the years.

The Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics has a policy of rotating Editorial Board to introduce periodic change to the Board, and to give members who have rendered faithful service a well-earned break from these duties. We would like to offer our sincere thanks for the help and support given to the Journal. We rely on the commitment and expertise of the editorial team and are very grateful for the contributions.

While many of the members are continuing, we are pleased to invite new members to join the Editorial Board. We look forward to their support in reviewing papers and advice in developing the Journal.

It is very easy nowadays to find articles on a chosen topic by browsing through the internet. The journal is helping the readers by compiling papers published on a certain subject in the journal and grouping them into a Virtual Issue appearing on the web site. Virtual Issues are focussed on a particular theme in which the Editors have drawn together the best articles from previous Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics publications.

Virtual Issues exist alongside regular publication of the latest research articles in the journal, both in print and online. In the first Virtual Issue, we flag a range of papers examining the development and use of genomic selection. The Journal is always delighted to receive new papers on genomic selection, and any other topic related to breeding programmes, selection, quantitative genetics, genomics, diversity and evolution of domestic animals.