jbi12187-sup-0001-AppendixS1.docWord document3790KAppendix S1 Details of the study area: site coordinates, protection type, site and stand characteristics (Table S1), d.b.h. structure of mature sugar maple trees (Fig. S1), and climatic data for the study area (Table S2).
jbi12187-sup-0002-AppendixS2.docWord document66KAppendix S2 Difference in Akaike information criterion (ΔAICc) and weights (ω) of age-structure models of sugar maple seedlings (Table S3), and for model comparisons of the relative importance of stand characteristics and climate conditions as predictors of sugar maple seedling density (Table S4).
jbi12187-sup-0003-AppendixS3.docWord document6009KAppendix S3 Results of two-way ANOVA with interaction for mature trees and linear mixed-effects models for saplings (Table S5), sugar maple age structures of all 24 sites (Fig. S2), and predicted means of sugar maple seedling mortality rate (Fig. S3).

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