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Parents-CARE: A Suicide Prevention Program for Parents of At-Risk Youth


  • Carole Hooven PhD

    Research Assistant Professor, Corresponding author
    • Reconnecting Youth Prevention Research Program, Psychosocial and Community Health Department, University of Washington School of Nursing, Seattle, WA, USA
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  • This research was supported by a grant R01 NR04933 from the National Institute on Nursing Research.

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Families play an important role in youth suicide prevention, as both a source of protection and a source of risk, and thus are an important target for adolescent suicide prevention programs.


This article describes in detail Parents-CARE, a brief youth suicide prevention program for parents, for which effectiveness has been demonstrated. Engaging parents in preventive intervention can be challenging; therefore, the feasibility, acceptability, and relevance of the program to parents are examined.

Sources Used

A total of 289 households participated in Parents-CARE. Parent attendance data and parent and interventionist process data are utilized to demonstrate the positive response by parents to the program.


The Parents-CARE program was highly attended, and ratings demonstrate that parents were engaged in the program. Ratings show parents found the program both acceptable and relevant. Hence, the program described is promising for clinicians working with at-risk youth as they seek brief, accessible, and effective interventions that include parents in order to amplify the effects of an individual intervention approach.

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