T. Berry Brazelton, MD: A Lifetime of Contributions From a Giant in Our Field


  • Kristie Brandt RN, CNM, NP-C, MSN, DNP

    Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Co-Developer and Director, Director, Corresponding author
    1. University of Massachusetts Boston Infant-Parent Mental Health Postgraduate Certificate & Fellowship Program, Napa, California, USA
    2. Parent-Infant & Child Institute, Napa, California, USA
    • V.F., U.C. Davis School of Medicine, Sacramento, California, USA
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Author contact:

dr.kristiebrandt@sbcglobal.net, with a copy to the Editor: kathleen_r_delaney@rush.edu



Dr. T. Berry Brazelton's contributions span over 60 years and have shaped the interdisciplinary field of infant–parent work.


It is easy to lose sight of the foundational contributions to understandings and perspectives that currently seem universal or inherent. Brazelton's work began in the 1950s when prevailing belief suggested newborns could not see or hear, much less contribute to interactional processes, speak through their behavior, and be equal partners in the development of the parent–child relationship.


Brazelton's immense contributions are intrinsic to infant, child, and family work, particularly infant mental health, and continue to shape the nature of this interdisciplinary field.