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jce12053-sup-0001-FigureS1.pptx7473KFigure S1: Five slides showing 3D reconstruction of the diverticulum in individual relation with the right ventricle and the right atrium (first slide) and the noninvasively obtained right ventricular activation maps during preexcitation at 60 milliseconds (second slide), 80 milliseconds (third slide), 100 milliseconds (fourth slide), and 140 milliseconds (fifth slide) in RAO, PA, and LAO projections. The earliest activation (coded red) occurs at the collar of the diverticulum.
jce12053-sup-0002-Movie.avi13651KMovie S1: A 360° rotating view of the 3D reconstruction of CT images of the right atrium, its diverticulum and the right ventricle. The colored portion of the reconstruction displays 140 milliseconds activation map of the right ventricle during preexcitation where red represents the earliest spot of activation and blue the last. The activation map is obtained using the noninvasive mapping system.

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