• implantable cardioverter defibrillator;
  • Riata;
  • lead thrombi;
  • lead extraction;
  • lead recall

Thrombi on Riata ICD Leads

St. Jude Riata family ICD leads are subject to an FDA class I recall due to insulation failure, cable extrusions, and a high rate of electrical failures. We present multiple cases of large intravascular thrombus formation adherent to externalized conductor cables on Riata leads. Our observations highlight a previously unknown risk of large or calcified thrombus formation involving externalized conductors. We suggest that these leads should be screened for thrombi prior to potential lead extraction to determine the safest approach. Serial echocardiography may help detect progressive thrombus formation. The role of systemic anticoagulation for prevention or treatment of these thrombi remains unclear.