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Figure S1. Effects of apamin on delta APD80 after the ventricles were paced at 200-millisecond PCL of 50–400 beats. In A through C, the first and third rows show action potential at 300-millisecond PCL. The second and forth rows show action potentials during rapid pacing followed by a postpacing beat with S1–S2 coupling interval of 300 milliseconds. The ΔAPD80 was the difference between S2 APD80 and S1 APD80. The same pacing protocol was performed before and after apamin. D through F show effects of apamin on ΔAPD80 increases when the number of paced beats increases. Asterisks indicate P < 0.05 between control and apamin at each PCL.

Figure S2. Western blotting analyses of SK2 proteins. Panel A shows the Western blotting results. Panel B shows the SK2/GAPDH ratio of all 5 hearts studied. There were no differences of the protein ratio in PZ and RZ versus control.

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