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Supporting Figure S1. PVCs of Patient 2 recorded in the EP laboratory. Left: Clinical PVC ablated just above the septoparietal trabeculation. This PVC is characterized by its narrow QRS width of 128 milliseconds and very brief initial slurring followed by sharp upstroke. Right: New PVC emerged after ablation of the clinical PVC. Despite having a similar axis, the QRS width of this PVC was 140 milliseconds, and the sharp upstroke of the clinical PVC is not seen. The precordial transition of was noticed at V3 instead of V4.

jce12291-sup-0002-FigureS2.tif759KS2. Clinical PVC of Patient 3. The PVC had an LBBB pattern, right inferior axis. There was an R wave in V1, and the transition was seen at V4.

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